kathleen van houtte

biography (nl / fr)

Visual Artist.

Born in Gent (1955). She studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and specializes in Graphics and Painting.

During this formation she will meet some very famous artists like Pierre Vlerick, Karel Dierickx, Jacques 't Kindt, Roger Wittewrongel, Pol Van Gysegem and Emiel Hoorne, which will have an major influence on her work.

In 1980 she moves to Paris where many artists for Belgium and Paris work closely together in a lot of activities and exhibitions.

In Europe she visits a lot of cultural cities like Venice, Prague, Kracow and Asturia in North Spain, France and Brittany, influencing her work. She even spends a month in Los Angeles (1985) to end her cultural trip in New York City.

As a result of all that she takes part in a lot of exhibitions and several nominations follow each other.

In her artistic work two disciplines, drawing and graphics, are perfectly woven into each other. This also explains how graphics essentially develop within the discipline of etching. In a further step an etch is also used in relation to a drawing and printed. For me Graphics is not necessarily an isolated medium. After this various try-outs, I see many other possibilities to bring Graphics and Drawing together in a perfect harmonic way. This plastic experience finally results in new work with a different approach, enlarging the possibilities and going far beyond 'the World of the image (engraving)'.